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Everything You Need To Know About Genealogy Tree

Genealogy tree aids and tells you about your unknown or unseen family members. You can make excellent and cordial relations with the members of your family. Genealogy trees get to let you know more about your kinship. It describes where you belong. It tells you about your ancestors. Who were they? What have they done? It gives you a lot of information about your upcoming generation too. It also gives you the benefit of knowing about your health issues inherited in your genes. It also gives you knowledge about your family stories or long-lost family members.  

How to make a genealogy tree

The steps you need to follow are: 

  • Find all the possible information about your family members. Try to find pictures of them too. There might be a limitation to find enough knowledge. You cannot trace your records from Adam and Eve. As long as you can go, you can also visit libraries and read newspapers too.  
  • Trace the links and heritage from the information that you have gathered. Link your ancestors and come down to you.  
  • You can also leave some space below the names and fill it up with the necessary habits and achievements.  
  • Keep the simplicity constant. The reader should find it brief yet easy to understand.  
  • It is a tip not to mention all the bad habits and unpleasant events in the past. It should be representing your cultural and ethical behaviours too. Keep all the good characteristics of your family members.  

There are some of the suggestions through which you can construct your family tree: 

The family tree on Chalkboards

You can create your family tree on a small, compact, and portable chalkboard in which you can pin or paste your family members’ pictures. You can then connect the images in the form of a hierarchy relating your ancestors to the predecessor members of the family. You can convey it along in family reunions or get-togethers. 

Decal genealogy tree

It comes with a sticker of a tree connecting your family members in the image of tree branches. You can stick it on your bedroom or living room wall. It will be the right showpiece item. Anyone who will come to your house will see and get the idea of your family hierarchy. After getting this decal, you need to add the family member’s pictures in the given frames.  

Circle genealogy tree

This tree represents a circular image of your family members. The centre place is for your name. Then, the next circle contains a semi-circle, including your parents’ name. Further next ring has a quarter circle for your grandparents, and it goes on up to your desired tree.  

Fingerprint Genealogy Tree

It can be a great idea to give someone a genealogy tree as their wedding gift. This thumbprint tree requires a bit of effort but is worthy of all the appreciation. Ask all the members’ fingerprints who are luckily alive, on a sheet of paper. For those who are not dead, you can ask any member to fill theirs too. Who’s going to verify that?  


Genealogy trees are a great way to prove your family’s dignity and identification. Family trees can tell you about some missing family members who are still alive but not in connection. You can connect to them in the family and expand your family. It also tells you the goods and wrong about your family, too, just for your information. Genealogy trees are the best for the orphans or for those who know little about their kinship. It can describe your older rivalries or alliances too.  

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